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Nov 6, 2013 9:00pm CST
's it we have airplanes overhead waking us up at 4:00 in the morning. it's what they are hearing over and over again. you called 311. what did they say? they said we have your complete and so that's ok. the man expect to hear back from the faa in a month and right now the formula to determine what is too much noise is combining times when there is lots of noise and times when there is no noise and they come up with an average. they say that does not seem fair. if that formula changes theirthere may be relief for people at places like midway airport where there are noise problems as well. the first question i would have is, why did you move there? when it was in the earlier rage but it was manageable. this apparently is not because if they open their door or window even a little bet they hear planes coming through at all hours. by the same token there were neighborhoods in the past two got all this noise at now they are not. what can you really do about it? you can't just stop using that runway. the will have to come up with a better idea of what to do. still to come... in your medical
Nov 14, 2013 9:00pm CST
of donated goods, a private contractor who was to using military planes to transport the supplies cannot get the plan by tomorrow. also the donations have been overwhelming that they say it will take more than the cargo plane to get all the goods overseas. we have the organizer of the massive effort. >> your app has been admired by so many people. it was the understanding of the media that you or the security >> we're still waiting for confirmation of paperwork to go through. they're still planning to come here and we're still planning to get the stuff there. there is some misconceptions that this is not going through. we still strongly that it will go through. we thought we would have 200 boxes, we have closer to 5000 boxes that we are a little concerned.and we are alld . people are working tirelessly as the donations keep coming and we know that people need this. we need many more airplanes. >> there is a plan coming but you need moreonean airplane comd more than one. >> we have almost 5000 boxes, but everybody has stepped up and it's unbelievable. everybody is so motivated. >
Nov 8, 2013 9:00pm CST
and someone who's run for governor himself in the past. wgn's tom negovan joins us tonight with the story. tom? we have been running around grabbing reaction to this choice. it is mixed so far. paul vallas is the name and this might strike you as familiar. residency. he wanted to run for goblin himself in 2002 against rod blagojevich. it tried again in 2005. he is now the picked by the governor for the no. 2 spot in 2014. i have known paul for many years and he has never been shy about product for education reform and opportunities for working people. the choice catching some people by surprise. some expected diversity on the ticket as the current lieutenant governor runs for comptroller. the city treasurer said she played phone tag with the governor and then learned of his decision first from reporters. ... the state senator the pension reform point man also considered a leading contender and he is contending that he is happy where he is. less happy is the chicago teachers union. in a statement they said that while he was ceo of chicago public schools, vallas pioneered the ... model. his poli
Nov 11, 2013 9:00pm CST
affect snow will bring out here. >> we usually get a lot of the storms blowing right past us. >> he is hoping for snow because he is a snow plow oer. >> a blizzard would be the best thing. hopefully everybody to stay safe on the roadjust stays. >> the snow should be coming back around midnight. three to 6 in. is expected overnight. >> meanwhile here in the chicago area people with ties to the philippines are doing their part to help out.filipino officials e nearly 2000 people confirmed dead from a typhoon. they fear the death toll roswill rise over 10,000. they think the number could grow if they cannot find a way to get food water and supplies to the people who had been cut off from the outside world. filipino and american military forces are working round-the-clock to create a pathway for the aid. >> here in chicago people with ties to the philippines are doing their part to help out. they're organizing fund-raisers and donation drives. >> chicago has a sizable filipino community and many of them are making sure they are all part of the solution tried to get donations to people ba
Nov 7, 2013 9:00pm CST
officer who uses fear to get what he wants: sex anytime anywhere-- even on the job. today, sgt. gerald breimon remains on the force, politically connected inside the department. his mother is a former deputy police superintendant. tonight he is named as a defendant in a lawsuit once again. kelly hespe, plaintiff: "i wish i had had him arrested. i was afraid to. i was terrified of him." 42-year-old kelly hespe was terrified then and lives in fear now months after she left her job diagnosed with post tramatic stress disorder. she was an officer at the 14th district police station, a veteran of 12 years. dan herbert, hespe's attorney: "kelly hespe was subjected to a nightmare she could not wake up from." it was there at her place of work that she was terrorized by a police sgt., she says, who preyed on her day in and day out. his name is gerald breimon. they started out dating but she tried to and the relationship. "he was always demanding naked pictures of me." "he always wanted my head in his lap." "he would accuse me of not wearing underwear." "he said he wanted to make love in front o
Nov 13, 2013 9:00pm CST
members a very gracious and open in talking to us. he endured a great deal in his life of without complaining. police are still investigating at this moment. >> long lines at rush-hour the transit authority had to give away 15,000 plus a free ride because of the new transit cars system failed again. >> we spoke to a few dozen of the writers who said they were delayed and understandably upset about the new transit car problems that affected thousands of riders. we received video from one of the upset writers. dozens of real losers were held up and had to wait in line because of the cards would not work. they're on able to board the train. they had to get assistance from personnel. about 16,000 people got free rides due to a computer failure and the back office system. 165 readers have 60 different stations were affected. they started at 430 this evening and back to normal at a 30. in between is a rush- hour. the readers were malfunctioning for about 90 minutes at various locations. we spoke to a number of people as a short time ago. >> to modify 6:00 and everytime you would gulp it
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6